Reasons Why A Dentist May Have Their Practicing Licence Revoked

Dentists usually undergo years of rigorous training almost similar to medical doctors. After completing their training, they usually go through an internship program to give them the hands-on skills needed to practice independently. After getting a practicing licence, a dentist petts wood residents should know, can proceed to open a private practice. However, most dentists usually work several years to gain the requisite experience and accumulate the necessary capital to start their private practice. It is important to note that after getting licenced, a dentist can still lose the licence for one reason or another. Below is a list of reasons why a dentist may have their licence revoked:

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i) Substance Abuse

A dental practice is a serious business as it touches on the health and safety of the public. A mistake by the dentist may have grave consequences for the patient. Imagine getting a serious cut to your tongue, gums, or lips just because the dentist had unstable hands caused by substance abuse. A dentist who is dependent on banned substances can also kill their patient by administering excess anesthesia or the wrong medication. Therefore, any dentist who is found to be using controlled substances will have their licence revoked. 

ii) Old Age

Dentists usually get better and better with the years. It is not uncommon to find a dentist in his or her sixties or seventies still practicing proficiently. However, the process of aging makes an individual slower and more forgetful. The motor functions may also be adversely affected, so an aged dentist may not be able to perform delicate dental procedures. As soon as the adverse effects of aging start to show, a dentist should stop practicing. Subsequently, their practicing licence should be revoked. 

iii) Psychiatric Illness

Dentists are human beings just like any other. This means that they also develop the same illnesses that other people usually experience. When a dentist develops a psychiatric illness, they should stop practicing and seek treatment. As the dentist undergoes treatment, their licence should be revoked. Ideally, the moment a dentist is diagnosed with any kind of psychiatric illness, their practicing licence must be revoked immediately. This is a matter of public safety. 

iv) Chemical Dependency

Another common reason why dentists usually lose their practicing licences is chemical dependency. If a dentist cannot function optimally without using a given chemical substance, they should not be attending to patients. Dentists with chemical dependency should be stripped of their licences the moment the problem is noticed. In case a patient gets injured by a dentist who is dependent on a certain chemical, the licencing authority should also be held liable because they did not revoke the licence of the dentist in a timely manner.

Please note that the licencing authority has hotlines through which members of the public can report issues they experience with their dentist. If a dentist who wreaks of alcohol comes to work and attempts to offer dental services, the patient should refuse the service and report it to the authorities. Similarly, if an old doctor makes a mistake, it should be reported immediately, regardless of how small the mistake is. Cases of substance abuse by dentists should also be reported to the authorities to ensure their licences are revoked immediately.